Saturday, December 6, 2014

December 5

Our activity for the 5th day of Advent is to donate wrapping paper, bows, and other accouterments to a local charity.

When Nick's Great Aunt Helen passed away this May, we were blessed to inherit some of her beautiful antique furniture. She also bequeathed us all of her Christmas stuff.  This included wreaths, tree skirts, stockings, garlands, bows, and numerous ornaments carefully packed and origins documented. Unbeknownst to us, it also included two full dresser drawers of wrapping paper and other accessories. We already have a stockpile of wrapping paper that we probably won't make it through this season. We suddenly found ourselves with about 20-30 more rolls of wrapping paper and a paper grocery bag full of bows. It would take us YEARS to work our way through this stockpile. So we decided rather than hoard the wrapping paper for the future, we should donate it to people who could actually use it.

We have been told about a couple local charities who purchase presents for children in the foster system.  We are still in the process of trying to contact people involved in theses charities, but are hopeful to contact someone soon.

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