Thursday, December 4, 2014

December 3

Our activity for the third day of Advent was to make a list.  Or, rather, a series of lists.  Not every day leaves us with a lot of spare time, and with Nick getting ready for his inspection next week and trivia on Wednesday night, we have precious little spare time.  With that in mind, we scheduled a more low-key activity like list-making today.

Since it is early in the season, we wanted to make our lists.  First, a list of people to receive Christmas cards.  It may be a little old-fashioned in this day of the new fangled Twitters and Instagrams, but we've found it a nice way to connect with people and stay in touch.  We've got a lot of friends and family all over the country and world, so it's nice to send (and receive!  hint hint) personal mail sometimes.

We also picked out a few people to send some gifts to.  We can't hit everyone, but we decided we'd send a few things to people who, over the past year, either came and visited us or let us visit them.  It's a nice way to thank people for their hospitality or for coming down (reminder: we DO have 2 guest bedrooms and are 90 minutes from New Orleans, and Mardi Gras is approaching).

Lastly, we put together our own Christmas lists.  This is something that is probably best done over the course of the year, as you think of things you want.  Amanda is on top of this, via her Pinterest page.  Nick is...less on top of it.

As some of our shopping has come at the last minute the last couple years, it's nice to at least start planning things out in advance.  Be sure to check your mail in the coming weeks!

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