Monday, February 18, 2013

In Lieu of Presidents' Day*...

********Just so you know, before we begin, we started writing this back in November. Better late than never, eh?********

We actually have NOTHING against Presidents' Day, but it is not the holiday this post is about.

Nick had his first official holiday off Friday, Nov. 2.  Let's see if you can guess what it was for....

...Nope, not Columbus Day, it case you missed it, that was October 8th this year. Consequently, Nick didn't get Columbus Day off at the Territorial Supreme Court level. We can only assume the Federal Court did, as it is a Federal Holiday. Also, Columbus did not, in any sense of the word, "discover" Guam, so we suppose not celebrating Columbus Day makes sense.

...Nope, not Halloween, that was on the Wednesday before.

...Obviously not Election Day....Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

...Nope, not Veteran's Day, that isn't* until November 11.

* Future tense made sense when we started writing this post, not so much by the time we finished it.

....hmmmm.... well that does it for all the well known holidays and observances, right?

C'mon you can do it, we have faith in you...hint, hint....

Give up?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

........And We're BACK!

Hafa Adai Friends and Family of the Blogosphere! We are back!

Hello, there! We took this photo at the beginning of January.  Jealous? 

We apologize for our 2.5 month absence.  We weren't intentionally giving you the silent treatment, we swear! Where have we been you ask?