Saturday, December 6, 2014

December 4

Our activity for the fourth day of Advent is to assemble some items for a care package for Nick's deployed coworker.

Being a JAG, you're still a lawyer with all your lawyerly responsibilities, but have the added bonus (and sometimes curse) of also being an officer, with the duties that entails.  One of the biggest duties that comes with being in the military, though, is deploying.  In the Air Force, they tend to do 6-month deployments to overseas bases, often in combat zones, where you work 6 or 7 day work-weeks, 12 hours a day, for your entire tour.  You don't get to go home or have your dependents around, you don't get to take leave, and you are in what is generally a stressful environment.  You are, however, contributing directly to the mission in a way that isn't always as apparent when you're working in a non-deployed environment.

Members from the legal office here do deploy, and right now one of the paralegals is overseas. Given the lifestyle of constant moves, sometimes halfway around the world, and deployments where you are separated from your family and friends, it is important to take care of each other and show your support for your people. In order to show our support, the office puts together care packages at times to send over.  As part of our Advent plans, we wanted to take the time to put together a grouping of items to send over to show our appreciation and to make him feel a touch of home, missing Christmas and his family as he is.

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