Friday, December 12, 2014

December 10

Our activity for the tenth day of Advent was to take food over to the new Lt and his wife as they were moving into their house.

As noted when we discussed deployments, military culture involves frequent moves.  Although the military provides the money and manpower for moves, it nevertheless remains a stressful process.  It took us six months to really get everything set up.

The office just got two new Lieutenants.  One of them decided to live on base.  He and his wife moved in on Wednesday, about a block away from us.  We made apple and parsnip soup, curried turkey salad sandwiches on croissants, and homemade coleslaw.  Amanda spent the day with them, helping them get everything set up and generally providing moral support.

We're happy to have another couple on base who should be good to hang out with.  We just had some of our good friends move 40 minutes away, so it'll be good to have more people nearby to have over.

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