Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Rain in Guam Falls Mainly in the Fall

We have officially been living in our apartment now for three weeks.  We still aren't completely done getting settled in, but the remaining tasks are small ones that Amanda has been chipping away at while Nick is at work during the week.  On Saturday, September 22, we went on our first Boonie Stomp to Tarzan Falls (info on that in another post) and we were planning on (finally?!!?) going to the beach this past weekend.  Unfortunately, it has been raining a lot with  60% chance of thunderstorms forecast for most days. While we were at a beach "full moon" party this past weekend, it seems like we're not meant to actually go IN the ocean. As Alaina so eloquently put it, "boo rain."  Indeed, well... it is to be expected anyway, as it is the rainy season. So we've had a couple of a lazy days puttering around the apartment.  Sounds boring, you say?


BUT... what this means for you is....

wait for it.....


You lucky ducks.

The nearest business to our apartment...convenient when living in an apartment
beset by Biblical plagues.
When you turn onto our road, this is the first sight you see.  He wanted to be a systems analyst, but the
name kind of force his hand, careerwise.  Very civilized garbageman, though.
Gang of local toughs always loitering in the road and trying to sell drugs to
 schoolchildren. (Meth mostly)...
...which leads to the response, "I'm not a turkey, you're a chicken."  (Inverted, but
the PSAs from our childhood have a more literal meaning here).
In Guam, we will be spending the year pondering that great philosophical question,
"Why did the chicken cross the road?"
Because they are camera shy, is our present best guess.
The Calvo Compoud.  They are like Guam's Kennedys.  They run the largest insurance company, have a law firm, and have had two governors (including the present one).  Amanda claims to be working on her Marilyn Monroe.
Home sweet home in Building D.  Like Avenue Q with fewer puppets.
We live on the second floor, second door from the left.
"Come and knock on our door...we've been waiting for you..."
Just inside the door: the living room.
The armoire was infested with roaches when we moved in (it also had a Christmas tree stand. We
didn't know they had Christmas trees on Guam).
Living room looking at the dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and mess of wires behind the TV.
Door on the left leads to the bedroom.

This is what HGTV might call "a one-butt kitchen."  Also, the geckos used to poop on the windowsill, though we haven't found much poop lately.  Not sure if this means they are gone or have found somewhere new to use as a toilet.
New ceiling fan, suspended by more than just one wire!

As Kulik might say, "This is where the magic happens."

Mold-free is the way to be!

New, working A/C on the left, door to balcony on the right.
View from the balcony overlooking the Pacific (to the west).  Behind the houses is a cliff,
then a busy road, a rocky beach, and then the ocean.

We live at (just below) the "B" on the map.  Even though it looks like we are right off the ocean from the balcony, that's not quite true.  You see that big dark green wall just below the water?

This is that green wall.  A large steep cliff covered in foliage and we can only presume snakes.  The building on the bottom right is a mortuary, which is convenient for anyone who attempts to scale the cliff and falls.
The houses at the very top of the cliff are the ones you can see from our balcony. 

The key to successful, mold-free living on a tropical island (co-MVP along with air conditioning).
Amanda's new best friend.
We hope you enjoyed a look around our now mold-free apartment.


  1. Great job cleaning up the place! I can almost smell the clorox...mmmmmmm.

    1. When Nick enters the apartment and says, "It smells like a pool in here", he makes it sound like it's a bad thing. I personally love the smell, it reminds me of working as a lifeguard and hanging at the pool all day.

  2. The apartment looks great! Good job making it mold free. The furniture looks pretty nice as well.

    Brown sugar, I really miss living with you and Observing your awesome cleaning skills. I bet after this experience you no longer even need my (or really ben's) bug killing skills :-) I miss you both dear friends.

  3. The place looks fresh and clean!Also I think I might want a rooster. They are so brightly colored I love it!